Spring’s late, but it’ll be fun!

For the first time in years the Little Theatre have had to change the date of their Spring production from that advertised in their programme.

“With Easter being so late we had difficulties with casting and staffing, so the play now runs a week later starting on Monday April 25,” said new president Vaughan Leslie.

“We hope our audiences are not too inconvenienced by this.”

How the Other Half Loves is a classic Alan Ayckbourn comedy, says director Ray Riches.

It starts at breakfast time in the scruffy Phillips house where Theresa has suspicions about where husband Bob was the night before.

Meanwhile at the well-to-do Fosters husband Frank is wondering where wife Fiona was into the small hours.

Stumbling into the arena are the blameless Featherstones who are dragged in to provide alibis for the other two couples’ infidelities.

This “dazzlingly funny comedy” is driven by the device that the two families share the same set and live their lives side by side simultaneously.

Ray says: “It seems very complicated and confusing to describe but the result is a very hilarious play.”

The Fosters are played by Sue Riches and Vaughan Leslie, the Phillips by Phoebe Hallgarth and Chris Berry and trying to keep the peace between the two are Sharon Kelly and Julian Hirst as the Featherstones.

The show starts at 7.30pm each evening of the run (April 25 to 30) and tickets are available at Innovation or by telephoning 01422 843907.