There’s a chill in the air..!

Nai and Janet sample the atmosphere
Nai and Janet sample the atmosphere

There’s definitely something spooky going on at the Hippodrome Theatre, Todmorden...

Although the weather has taken a turn for the better this week, there’s something of a chill in the air at the theatre.

In the middle of building of the set for The Addams Family musical later this month, the folks at TAODS have been visited by a local team of paranormal investigators, keen to survey their beautiful, historic theatre on Halifax Road. Nai Daly and Janet Ramsden (pictured on set), two members of Team GHD (Ghost Hunting Divas), spent an entire evening in the theatre in total darkness, last bank holiday weekend, on the hunt for ‘paranormal activity’.

“You have to approach the spirits carefully, ask the right questions and be sure to guard yourselves and the building with protective spells”, says Janet.

“There’s definitely some activity here. We can’t wait to analyse all the data properly and hopefully conduct future investigations. The Hippodrome is a magnificent place and I’ve always felt a certain bond with it.

“We are thankful to TAODS for the experience and cannot wait to come and see The Addams Family next week. It will be nice to see the theatre with the lights on!”

The Addams Family is a full blown musical theatre adaptation of the classic spooky family TV show and is suitable for the whole family. It runs at the Hippodrome from April 21 to 25 and tickets are available via or through Todmorden TIC.