Joyce stars in Myra’s story

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Actor Rachel Creamer and 24:7 Theatre Festival Manager Annika Edge have teamed up with award-winning director Alyx Tole to launch What A Little Bird Told Me (WALBTM), an exciting new theatre company determined to increase female representation in Manchester theatre by simply putting women on a stage and letting them tell stories.

WALBTM’s first production, Colder Than Here by Laura Wade, is a contemporary story about Myra and her family - and Myra is played by renowned Todmorden actor, playwright and director Joyce Branagh.

Myra is planning her funeral. She wants a natural burial with a cardboard coffin painted with the sky and stars; she also wants her family to talk to one another.

Colder Than Here runs from September 30 to October 4, at the King’s Arms, Salford, and is proudly supported by the Kevin Spacey Foundation. Tickets can be booked online or on the door.