Short stories become new one-act operas

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Life Stories - a double bill of new one-act operas (Rest in Peace and Silent Jack) by Todmorden’s Tim Benjamin - are based on dark and gripping short stories by Anton Chekhov and Anthony Peter and play at Square Chapel July 3 (01422 349422 ) and Todmorden Hippodrome July 4 (01706 814875).

Rest in Peace: an old man wakes amid the detritus of 21st century consumerism in 2020 Moscow, asking vital questions: Who is he? Why is he sleeping here? What causes the fever that plagues his mind?

Silent Jack is set 300 years before: a young woman staggers into a secret cellar somewhere in England, the faded trappings of past glory decaying all around. Who is she? Why does she collapse, exhausted, craving sleep?

“These two operas survey the lives of two very different people from very different times and places in history,” said Mr Benjamin.

“For me, these two gripping stories really put into perspective the moments of chance, the loose words, and the tiny decisions that somehow combine to change the course of our lives. It’s also a chance to hear two fantastic voices at very close range!”