Homemade Scotch eggs

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Now summer is finally here it’s time to put on your walking boots and get out there to experience the best which Yorkshire has to offer.

If we don’t have time to get up into the heart of God’s own country there is nothing we like more than walking out of our front door, strolling down on to the Hebble Trial and along the canal to Sowerby Bridge, writes Rachel Berry of RachAls Kitchen, a Halifax based catering company.

When we have the time we like to make an afternoon of it and that of course means taking a picnic which has to include our favourite, a homemade scotch egg...

Ingredients (Makes 12)

1 pack of 12 quails eggs

250g Quality sausage meat 200g Black pudding

Spring of parsley

Salt & pepper

4 hens eggs

100g Flour

240g Panko breadcrumbs

Vegetable oil for deep frying


lBring a pan of water up to the boil and immerse the quail eggs in the boiling water for 2 1/2 minutes.

lRemove the eggs with a slotted spoon and place into iced water to immediately stop the cooking.

lOnce they are cold, peel and set aside in the fridge. Be very careful when handling the quail’s eggs as they will be soft and fragile.

lUsing a blender, mix the sausage meat with the black pudding, parsley and a little seasoning.

lDivide the sausage mixture into 12 equal quantities and press flat between two pieces of cling film to form a thin sheet of the sausage mixture. lCarefully wrap each quail’s egg in the mixture, ensuring there are no air pockets.

lCover the Scotch eggs with cling film and refrigerate for approx 15 minutes so they firm up.

lMeanwhile, whisk the hen’s eggs into a bowl and place the flour and panko breadcrumbs separately in 2 other bowls.

lCoat each scotch egg firstly with the flour, then the egg and then panko breadcrumbs, then roll again in egg and breadcrumbs, lightly coating each time.

lHeat the deep fat fryer to 180 ̊C and carefully fry the scotch eggs for 3 minutes.

lWhen they are done frying, place the Scotch eggs on some sheets of kitchen towel and lightly pat to remove any excess oil.

Enjoy...Good luck saving them for your picnic! ...