Free live music and a plea for volunteers at Hope Baptist Chapel

Logan and Manley
Logan and Manley

Lunchtime Live at Hope Baptist Chapel, Hebden Bridge, continues its winning formula of two hours free, live and local music on Saturday February 15 from 1.30pm.

This month’s acts are familiar faces on the local circuit and their musical influences come from far and wide.

First up it’s song maker Annie Honjo – listen and you might hear echoes of the time she spent in Japan threaded through her original songs which she says come from “somewhere between my head and my heart”.

Trio Harmony Jar are up next, featuring close harmonies from the two Sarahs – Watson and Courtney – accompanied by Julie Lomas on fiddle.

Their dark country, folk and Americana sound will tug at your heartstrings and their mix of original and cover songs give you food for thought.

An upbeat finish to the set is provided by Logan and Manley whose irresistible blend of bouncy reggae, sensitive soul and high energy grooves will set your dancing feet free.

Terry and Chris form the “most interesting duo in recent memory”– Folk Phenomena – and with a sound described as “like Chaka Khan and Sam Cooke’s…love child” – Salena Godden.

Saturday is also Random Acts of Kindness Day – be kind to yourself and get down to Lunchtime Live.

It’s free – just pay what you can afford and all donations are split equally between the acts.

Hope Chapel is also looking for volunteers and is holding a meet-up on Sunday February 16 at 1.30pm

Go along and find out what’s going on at Hope Chapel and how you can get involved.

It is looking for volunteers to help with regular events as well as one-off occasions, indoors and out. Whether you like getting hands-on or prefer to help organise, there’s something for everyone.

Volunteers are making a start in the garden on Saturday February 29 from 10am,

There’s lots to do, including general tidying, leaf cage and compost heap building, a fence to paint and a skip to fill. Tools and lunch provided.

Find out more at the meet up day or email