Shuttleworth tour full of his big hits

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Comedy legend John Shuttleworth brings his farewell tour to Hebden Bridge Picture House next year and he is promising to play all his hits as he hangs up his cardigan.

Shuttleworth’s My Last Will and Tasty Mint tour proves the veteran lounge singer has got over his recent health scare - which turned out to be a mild bout of sciatica - but has forced him to mull over his mortality, and the many things he still needs to do.

His fans who come along to the Picture House in March will find out if his hapless agent Ken Worthington can finally make John a star before his retirement.

As befits a man living on borrowed time Shuttleworth will consider all life’s major issues like the rise in popularity of hi viz protective wear, the suitability of the plastic lid on takeaway coffee cups and the excitement he felt when sucking his first mint.

“It gave my tongue activity, as the mint’s flavours bore into me, turning my grey world azure blue – I remember my first Polo, do you?” says Shuttleworth.

Shuttleworth is promising some new tunes, but will bash out all the old favourites on his trusty Yamaha including Two Margarines, I Can’t Go Back To Savoury Now, Mutiny Over The Bounty and Y Reg. Shuttleworth will also pose a question about who he should donate his organs to or should he just sell them on Ebay?

This gig is being staged by Hebden Bridge Arts Festival as part of its year round commitment to bring top quality performers to the town.

Arts Festival Artistic Director Helen Meller said: “John was really keen to play during the festival but his agent Ken messed up his diary so he didn’t make it.

“Luckily I was able to speak to John on his landline, who then wrote it in his pocket diary, which is lucky as this is his farewell tour.”

John Shuttleworth plays Hebden Bridge Picture House on Tuesday, March 21 and tickets are available from or Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

lShuttleworth is a fictional singer-songwriter (his music is usually expressed with his portable Yamaha keyboard) and radio presenter, created by English comedy actor and musician Graham Fellows in 1986.

Fellows, who hails from South Yorkshire, was the man behind the one-hit 1978 wonder Going Steady/Jilted John who as those of a certain age will remember was going out with with a girl named Julie who had dumped him for a “moron” called Gordon. The song was picked up first by the late John Peel and with the help of EMI reached number four in the charts.