It’s time to wake up, Sleepers are on way

Sleepers are a young post-punk band hailing from Hebden Bridge
Sleepers are a young post-punk band hailing from Hebden Bridge

Sleepers are a young post-punk band hailing from Hebden Bridge and are expecting a bumper crowd at their upcoming pre-Christmas show.

They cite artists such as The Strokes, Rage Against The Machine and Foals as inspirations, and believe with music as good as they’re producing it would be no surprise to see them reach the heights of these artists.

The “Snow Dog” band have been together around a year, and are destined to go onto big things.

Formerly known as The Offsets, Sleepers are a band consisting of close childhood friends Alfred Heny, Daniel Hay, Finn Chantler and Henry Fitzpatrick-Morgan.

Heny – lead singer and rhythm guitarist – woos audiences with his emotional, heartfelt vocals. The energy he shows on the stage is infectious, and his passion for his music you can clearly see dripping from his forehead at the end of a gig.

Hay is the talented lead guitarist inspired by Albert Hammond Jr while Chantler is the fantastic drummer who plays out the rhythm in an energetic and considered manner, and who has earned rave reviews from concert-goers.

Bassist Fitzpatrick-Morgan describes himself as “a cheeky Yorkshire lad”, and is the talk of Huddersfield after his move to college there.

Their first gig was in September 2014 and they were received very well, with people travelling from afar to see them.

They already have a huge following, with fans from as far afield as Argentina.

Sleepers practice in Heny’s basement, a place where many people go simply to hear fresh and exciting new tracks.

Manager Milo Tranmer describes them as “a revolutionary band with futuristic ideas.”

Performing original tracks in intimate venues they truly are a must see.

Their next gig is with The Leading Lights on Friday, December 19, at Wadsworth Community Centre, with a huge crowd expected.

Tickets are £2, with 10 per cent of all ticket sales going to the charity The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

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