Choral Society enters its third century

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Halifax Choral Society - Autumn Classics

Victoria Theatre, Halifax on Sunday, October 28 at 6.30pm

Halifax Choral Society’s Autumn Classics concert will be a rich musical odyssey from late-Renaissance Gabrieli via Baroque Vivaldi – and arriving at Mozart’s Classical elegance!

Each composer - a master in his own time.

In Ecclesiis showcases Giovanni Gabrieli’s consummate mastery of Venetian polychoral writing (a style which evolved to exploit San Marco’s twin choir lofts). Gabrieli was one of the most influential musicians of his era and represents the apex of music of the Venetian School at the transition between the Renaissance and Baroque styles

Antonio Vivaldi was Venice’s famous Red Priest who wrote for the all-female music ensemble of the orphanage of the Ospedale della Pietà (which nonetheless was able to provide fine voices in all four parts!) – and also for his rich use of melody and incisive musical drama. The Gloria moves through its 12 short sections with inexorable conviction, engaging pace and musical momentum.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was hailed as the supreme dramatist and quintessential exponent of Classical era elegance and poise. His Vesperae Solennes de Confessore contains all the supreme musical drama we love so much in his operas with rich writing for the soloists. ‘Vespers’, also called evening prayers or evensong, is a prayer service that takes place as dusk begins to fall. It is celebrated in most Christian faiths (e.g. Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox). Of course vespers is mostly sung here in a beautiful setting by Mozart. Soloists are Charlotte La Thrope (soprano), Emma Stannard (alto), Bertie Yates (tenor), David Hall (bass).

Hot on the heels of its bicentenary season, this concert marks the advent of Halifax Choral Society’s third century of unbroken performance.