Black ice cream, fireworks, choirs, flags and balloons!

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Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

The chance discovery of the score for the trailblazing Landscape has led to a recreation of the spectacular all day event around Hebden Bridge featuring fireworks, choirs on hillsides, flags, balloons, bells, improvising kids, cyclists playing their bikes and cones of black ice cream served from Royds ice cream vans playing Beethoven’s 7th Symphony.

Local composer and researcher Julian Brooks was working on a project for the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and while rummaging around in a box at the British Music Collection (housed at Heritage Quay in Huddersfield), rediscovered the long lost score for Trevor Wishart and Mick Banks’ ambitious site specific music composition Landscape, which was first staged in 1970.

Julian was so excited by the score he approached UK contemporary music charity Sound and Music (Julian’s one of their current ‘New Voices’ composers) and Leeds-born Trevor himself, who is regarded, amongst many accolades, as the UK father of community music in this country, to see if he could restage it and Trevor agreed. Julian also secured the backing of Arts Council England and Hebden Bridge Arts Festival (June 22-July 1) who are supporting him to recreate the free event between 9.30am and 10pm on Sunday 1 July.

Landscape is a series of somewhat surreal music-theatre situations which have been scored for pre-specified activities, outdoor locations, times and durations spanning twelve hours over one day.

Julian has made use of Mick and Trevor’s guidance to incorporate workshops and performances from musicians, artists, local schools, community groups and small business introducing audiences to contemporary music that will appeal to new and experienced audiences alike.

Dr Julian Brooks said: “I couldn’t believe it when I came across this amazing score in the archives of the BMC and I realised I had something very special and genuinely ground-breaking that needed to be performed. It brings out all that’s best about Hebden Bridge.”

The Arts Festival is also hosting a rare appearance by Trevor himself who will be talking about Landscape as well as his fascinating 50 fift year musical career at 7.30pm, on Wednesday June 27 at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Tickets are available from Hebden Bridge Town Hall or

Festival organisers are keen to hear from anyone who has photos or memories of the original Landscape which may be sent to