AUDIO CHAT: Great British Bake Off champ Nadiya Hussain reveals favourite Yorkshire bake ahead of Flavours Food Festival

Great British Bake Off champ Nadiya Hussain
Great British Bake Off champ Nadiya Hussain
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Great British Bake Off champ Nadiya Hussain will rise to the challenge of cooking for local fans this weekend but today she revealed her own favourite Yorkshire bake - the Fat Rascal.

The Yorkshire delicacy - a huge fruit scone, decorated with a glacé cherry and almond face - is 'absolutely delicious' served warm, with butter and jam, she says.

But the guilty pleasure isn't something she has ever baked herself, or is likely to.

"It's my favourite Yorkshire food but I've never made a Fat Rascal. Some things are sacred. I don't always want to bake it," said Nadiya, who is giving cooking demonstrations on Sunday at this weekend's two day Flavours Food Festival, at Elsecar Heritage Centre, in Barnsley.

The 32-year-old mum of three added: "It's actually quite nice to have somebody else to make it and I can just turn up, buy it and eat it,

"I learned about the Fat Rascal when I went to Betty's tea room in Harrogate. They are just these enormous, big scones with two cherry eyes and what looks like a mouth made of almonds. It looks just like a big kid's scone and they are absolutely delicious, just warm, buttered with a bit of jam."

LISTEN: Hear Nadiya's full chat with Graham Walker in which she talks about her meteoric rise, how she still suffers from panic disorder, using her new found fame as a platform to highlight that and other social issues. She gives a quick pesto recipe and details of her new festive family story cook book plus more - CLICK HERE.

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At the food festival she will demonstrate recipes from her recent cookbook, Nadiya's British Food Adventure, a tie-in with her recent BBC Two TV series of the same name, which saw her travel across the country discovering favourite British dishes cooked in a Bangladeshi style, such as Yorkshire pudding with chia seeds and Masala eggy bread.

She is also celebrating the release of Nadiya's Bake Me a Festive Story - 30 stories and bakes that families can enjoy together at Christmas.

Fat Rascal scones at Betty's of Harrogate - Nadiya's favourite Yorkshire bake.

Fat Rascal scones at Betty's of Harrogate - Nadiya's favourite Yorkshire bake.

Other demonstrations this weekend will feature MasterChef quarter finalist Chris Hale, TV chef Barrington Douglas, Jenna McCormick, of For Fit’s Sake Ltd, Matthew Benson Smith and DeliVita, hosting children’s pizza making classes.

VIDEO: Masterchef quarter finalist Chris Hale cooked up a pineapple and rum lunch desert on Facebook Live to tell us about the cooking demonstrations he will be doing at the Flavours Food Festival on the Saturday, October 14 - WATCH HERE.

Packed with food stalls and live entertainment, the second Flavours Food Festival will feature an array of local producers, street food and drinks traders, a dedicated craft marquee and a vintage street.

Entry is £5 per person, each day, with an additional £10 to see the Nadiya Hussain cooking demonstrations, Sunday only, October 15, at noon and 3pm. Other cooking demos are part of the entry ticket. Under-14s go free, except for the Nadiya demo. Opening times are Saturday, October 14, 10am to 9pm, Sunday, October 15, 10am to 5pm.

Masterchef quarter finalist Chris Hale will also be giving cooking demonstrations at the Flavours Food Festival

Masterchef quarter finalist Chris Hale will also be giving cooking demonstrations at the Flavours Food Festival

There is ample free parking on site at Elsecar Heritage Centre, with 1,000 additional free parking spaces at nearby Milton Forge field.

Nadiya has strong Yorkshire links. She married a Yorkshireman, had all her three children and became a household favourite, winning 2015's Great British Bake Off, while living in Leeds. Now in Milton Keynes, she still has family in the region.

"My in-laws live up there so we are back and forth all the time and my kids to this day refuse to pick up a southern accent. When they have a cup of tea they have to have Yorkshire Tea. I cannot buy any other tea in my house," she said.

It will be her first visit to the town but she is hoping for a coffee catch up at some point with her Barnsley TV pal, former Pop Idol runner up and TV presenter Sam Nixon.

Born to a British-Bangladeshi family in Luton, Nadiya's meteoric success in the past two years has seen her celebrity status rising faster than a Yorkshire pudding.

Since her Bake Off win she has had her own TV shows, been a reporter for The One Show, a guest panellist on Loose Women and even baked the official 90th birthday cake for The Queen.

She co-presents BBC's The Big Family Cooking Showdown, alongside Zoë Ball, which was billed as a replacement to GBBO, following its move to Channel 4.

But she doesn't see it as a rival, saying there is room for both shows on TV. And she admits she's still an avid fan of Bake Off.

Nadiya also admitted she still suffers from panic disorder but wants to to use her new found fame as a platform to highlight that and other social issues.

"To say Bake Off changed my life is an understatement. My life has not been the same ever since," said Nadiya - listen to the full interview online at

She added: "I never went in to Bake Off to win. I suffer from panic disorder and I went in just to try to find a way of managing my panic, because it had taken over my life. I have come out the other end.

"If I have been given this platform then it seems such a waste to not use it properly, or use it wisely.

"I'm really lucky because I am part of lots of different worlds. I am Muslim. I am Bangladeshi. I'm British and I bake cake. There are lots of issues that we all have to tackle. I would like to help and using this platform for good.

"I feel privileged to be in this position so I am certainly not just going to sit here and bake cake. There's more out there.

"I love my work. I get to be at home and I get to travel. It's phenomenal the way my life has just changed but I am loving every single second of it. My philosophy is, as as long as I believe that I am not doing it forever, I'll make the most of every opportunity, every single day. I think that's what's really important, is to make the most of every opportunity that I am given and just enjoy every day, because it doesn't feel like work to me."

She said of GBBO: "The show has almost become part of our DNA. Everyone loves Bake Off but there is room for a show like Showdown. It's not baking, it's cooking and families. It's not about one person, it's three people, so it is a very different show. People have asked,' is Showdown the new Bake Off?' Well no. Bake Off is the new bake off because it is different now. But the world of telly is a big place. There is room for both shows.

"There is no way that I'm not going to watch Bake Off, absolutely. But now I record it and watch it, because I don't like adverts."

Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya Hussain