Wood sculpture exhibition is first for Halifax gallery

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The Way of All Flesh

The Artworks, Halifax from May 26

The Artworks presents an exhibition of elegantly crafted and powerful figurative sculptures.

Artist Jamie Frost, whose studio is in Denby Dale brings the tradition of wood carving into a contemporary gallery setting.

The smell, textures and colours of the sculptures makes this exhibition a multi-sensory experience, where bark, saw marks and energetic splinters contrast with fine craftsmanship.

‘Wood is a fleshy material and I want the visitor to have a sense of the figures I make, not just see them,” he says.”

“In their presence it’s hard, even for me, not to feel something when looking them in the eye.

“Whilst making I think about the people I draw, the people I’ve known, the person I am. I invite people to identify with these sculptures - an affinity with the material should make that possible.”

Following recent exhibitions of epic figurative drawings, these are the artist’s first sculptures of such complexity and scale.

They are shown alongside a number of smaller pieces and a selection of works on paper.

This is the first sculpture exhibition that The Artworks has seen, and its owners are proud to present this fantastic show. It has been made possible with generous support from Arts Council England.

Jamie grew up within Northern England’s ‘Sculpture Triangle’ and has also been strongly influenced by time spent working in Tuscany, Italy.

He has exhibited widely alongside established artists, including Nicola Hicks, Peter Randall-Page, Andy Warhol and Rembrandt.

He has most recently exhibited in London with The Society of Portrait Sculptors and one of Jamie’s major pieces will have just returned from this exhibition. In addition to this, Jamie has recently been accepted as a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

The artist will lead a wood carving workshop(June 8) during the exhibition and he will give an artist’s talk (Juine 13).

To book a place on the talk or workshop, or for more details please visit www.theartworks.org.uk

An exhibition catalogue is available.