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Rachel Connor
Rachel Connor

Writer and dramatist Rachel Connor will be leading another of Northlight’s Writer’s Toolkit workshops on Sunday, March 15, from 10.30am to 4.30pm. 

The workshop intriguingly titled ‘Delivering the verbal karate-chop’.

As Rachel explains, “we will look at examples from fiction and drama, and through a series of practical exercises, look at how karate-chopping through our stories can enhance characterisation, create tension and pace and open up the space for the richness of subtext.”

This is a valuable but also fun workshop for all budding writers and will reinforce essential techniques.

Rachel Connor is a novelist, radio dramatist and writer of non-fiction.  Her novel Sisterwives is published by Crocus Books and her recent radio drama, The Cloistered Soul was broadcast earlier this year on Radio 4. Rachel has over twelve years’ experience of teaching in Universities and various community settings.  Her sessions are characterized by warmth and humour, and she aims to get the best of out all writers - whether experienced or just starting out

To book a place tel: 01422 843519 or email