Novel’s Warrior charge

Author Richard Lyon's new novel Wheelchair Warriors
Author Richard Lyon's new novel Wheelchair Warriors

Aiming always to entertain, readers will also find author Richard Lyon’s fourth novel also has a point to make

Wheelchair Warriors, partly based in real events, is a story of courage and resilience by individuals too often excluded from mainstream society by fear and prejudice.

Published by Penrose, Wheelchair Warriors is a dark comedy set in an independence training home for physically disabled young adults - it’s based on one of Richard’s wporkplaces when he lived in London.

Subject to a capricious authoritarian regime its residents finally revolt when Hyacinth, a popular member of Kilkeith House, is forcible medicated for daring to question house rules.

It is a stylistic departure for the Hebden Bridge author, whose first three novels comprised the Billy Day trilogy - Billy Can Bomb, The Monesse Mystery and When The String Breaks - stories which explore how the dysfunctional Billy Day challenges drug abuse, war time atrocities and terrorism in London, his best mate Kevin Knight providing a personality contrast

The trilogy are thrillers whereas Wheelchair Warriors, which is based in part on one of Richard’s workplaces in London, has that rich vein of dark humour running through it too.

Richard said he had always written - for example in his working life he had to produce reports.

“When I moved to Hebden Bridge four years ago and retired I had the chance to sit down and do it. It probably takes nine months to a year to write a novel, and I’m writing my next one now,” he said.

“Ideas come from many places, for example the second volume of the trilogy is based around a Commonwealth war grave for a black South African soldier.

“Having worked myself for a year in a place like that in Wheelchair Warrior, I’ve seen the prejudice disabled people are subjected to, but they have normal lives and should be able to do as we do.”

The triolgy and the new book are available through Amazon and Penrose should also be orderable by local bookshops and has a retail recommended price of £7.99.