Kate’s lost houses in her home town

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Kate Lycett’s amazing art exhibition Lost Houses of the South Pennine’s has arrived in the artist’s home town Hebden Bridge and will show throughout August.

The project which premiered in January and was completed after several years research and painting, presents some of the region’s most iconic buildings in her trademark style - imagined as they would have been in their original pomp - among them Castle Carr (pictured).

“Some of the stories have been so compelling, I found myself following a lead for a missing photograph or telegram to fill in some missing part of the story. It’s the little memories uncovered that have been my highlights.”

It was with these nuggets of information that Kate uncovered the wonderful hidden world of our ancestors and the way they used to live - information that inspired a wonderful series of paintings that include among others High Sunderland at Shibden, Littlemoor in Queensbury, Manor Heath at Halifax and New Cragg Hall, Cragg Vale.

“I discovered Castle Carr had real swords that you could draw out of the bannisters on the grand staircase.”

Lost Houses of the South Pennines is showing throughout August at Hebden Bridge Town Hall. The exhibition return to the venue in October when Kate will launch a book to accompany her paintings. More detail from http://losthouses.katelycett.co.uk/