‘Jump to it!’ - says artist and photographer Rae

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Don’t jump to conclusions! - that’s the message of a new exhibition by Calderdale photographer and artist Rae Parkinson.

The exhibition ‘A Lesbian Leap Year’ starts at the Creative with Nature Gallery, Burnley Road, Todmorden, today, January 29. Rae set out to capture images of herself, using a compact camera on a mini-tripod set with a 10 second timer, jumping with a different lesbian each day for a year. “It’s about human nature, mine in particular,” she said. “I’m quite reclusive most of the time but every so often my inner extrovert emerges and does something totally out of character.”

Also on show will be Rae’s work in other media, including pen and ink and clay, and ‘Straw Works’, Rae’s photographs of her work with the Todmorden-based straw bale design and build company.

On February 3 company founder Barbara Jones will give a talk on building with natural materials. For details tel: 07588 944 166.