Boy and girl on the run

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‘Catch Me Daddy’, a film partly made in Calderdale, will be on shown by Halifax Film Society on Sunday, March 13.

Directed by Daniel Wolfe, the hard-hitting film tells the story of a girl in her late teens who has run away from her family with her drifter boyfriend. Holed up together in a Yorkshire town on the edge of the moors, they live a hand-to-mouth existence. Aaron is AWOL from the army while Laila knows her family will not let her go without a fight.

Two carloads of bounty hunters , hired by the girl’s father with her brother in tow, roll into town, asking questions and flashing a photo of Laila.

Some of the scenes in ‘Catch Me Daddy’ were filmed in Calderdale, including the Acapulco nightclub in Halifax.

It will be shown at Halifax Playhouse on Sunday March 13 at 7.30pm.