Bluemoose links Hebden Bridge and Hollywood as Jack Black steps in...

Bluemoose Books publisher Kevin Duffy
Bluemoose Books publisher Kevin Duffy

Hebdden Bridge and Hollywood have been connected recently when a film co-written and starring one of its authors is to be remade.

Hollywood star Jack Black, whose career includes box office smashes such as School of Rock, will remake Wizard’s Way, which was co-written by Socrates Adams, who also starred in the film.

The Bath-born, Manchester-based 29-year-old’s novel A Modern Family was published by Hebden Bridge imprint Bluemoose Books, and his publishers are delighted.

Bluemoose publisher Kevin Duffy said Wizard’s Way, co-written with Joe Stretch and Chris Killen and made by Metal Man for just £400, was premiered at the British Film Institute (BFI) last January having won the London Comedy Awards in 2012.

“Jack Black skyped Socrates at his one-bedroomed flat in Manchester and told him he wanted to buy the film,” he said.

Socrates’s next stop in January was Hollywood, where Wizard’s Way was premiered at the U.S. Slamdance Festival. Speaking ahead of the festival, Kevin said: “Apparently Jack will be buying the cocktails. Best grab a copy of A Modern Family before they sell out.”

Reviews of A Modern Family said it was “filled with wry observation, ruthless satire and, underneath it all, a real warmth.”