Artist paints the depths with new explorations

Richard Wincer
Richard Wincer

Local artist Richard Wincer has a major solo exhibition of oil paintings - ‘Painting the Depths’ - at Water Street Gallery, Todmorden.

It is an apt title for these 30 works, many of which were completed in a prolific creative slot this year, 2015. Richard said: “Its as if I am sculpting in paint as I feel my way around the painting’s surface.

“I am attempting to raise things from the watery depths of my subconscious.”

Renown locally for his works reflecting the Calder landscape, these are arguably taken a step further into a wonderful lyrical abstraction, a hard one freedom, but still rooted in experiences and perceptions of water and land.

The new lower gallery at Water Street Gallery, Todmorden, is quiet and mediative, the perfect space to view and absorb Richard’s deeply felt works.

You can meet Richard next Saturday afternoon, April 11, from 2pm to 4pm. He will talk visitors though many topics and viewpoints, about his inspiration and technical processes - an insightful exchange for artist, collectors, and those interested in art in general. However, you are asked to book as spaces are limited - call the gallery on 01706 839714.

This is a unique opportunity to see a collection of his work, which is now much in demand and in many private collections. The exhibition runs until April 26.