Halifax 'got what they deserved' against Sheffield Eagles, admits boss Scott Grix

Simon Grix. PIC: Simon Hall/OMH Rugy Pics
Simon Grix. PIC: Simon Hall/OMH Rugy Pics

Halifax head coach Simon Grix says his side “got what they deserved” in a scathing assessment of his side, after a 20-18 defeat to Sheffield at the Shay.

Defeat for Grix’s side was their ninth in their last 11 matches and keeps Halifax in eighth place with an important game to come against Swinton Lions next week to avoid falling any further down the table.

Grix lamented the individual errors form his side as the reason for their defeat.

“We were more interested in playing around them rather than through them, playing the pretty stuff rather than doing the ugly stuff,” he said.

“To be honest, I thought that we looked like a team who couldn’t wait for the season to end. It’s not nice for our fans to come and support rugby that’s not good enough.

“It’s not good enough from the lads because they’re getting paid to be out there.

“We started the game ok, the individual errors from across the board killed us. In the first ten minutes, I thought we looked strong and fast.

“Then those errors invited them into the game. Then it was all Sheffield from there on in.

“We showed some skill then followed it up with errors and that was the way the game went until the final ten minutes when we managed to put together a bit of fight and urgency.

“Playing well for ten minutes at the start and the end, that’s not good enough. We got what we deserved.

“Sheffield played a simple game plan. It wasn’t entertaining but it was effective.

Other than eighth place in the table, Halifax have little to play for with three matches left of the season, though Grix added that he wants the squad - which looks prone to change next year - to finish on a high note.

“I’ve said to the lads that there is something still to play for because there’s more than a handful leaving us this year and it gives us an opportunity for this group to leave on a high note with a few wins,” said the coach.

“Some of the players that are going to go have been here for a significant period of time and within a blink of an eye they will be gone.

“They are a tight bunch and they’re embarrassed with what they are dishing up at the minute and they’re struggling for answers.

I’ve been doing soul-searching as well during this period.

“When we get on the pitch, the personal responsibility to hold onto the ball, not make an error and to get to the point of the pitch that we want to get to, it’s on each and everyone of them.

“We’re low on confidence. It’s a tough place to be.”