First class showing from postman Whittem behind Brownlee brothers

Auld Lang Syne action:  Alex Whittem for Calder Valley
Auld Lang Syne action: Alex Whittem for Calder Valley

Dave Woodhead’s tremendously popular Auld Lang Syne fell race run from Penistone Hill near Howarth was again graced by the fabulous Brownlee brothers.

Joining Alistair and Jonny were nearly 400 other hopefuls, many dressed in a wide array of fancy dress costumes and most still full of festive cheer, despite the snow covered moorland.

The sharp turn in the weather meant the course had to be re-routed slightly to avoid some treacherous ice and snow patches, but the terrain held no fear for the brilliant Alistair Brownlee who won in an excellent time of 38:28.

Surprise of the day was that his brother Jonny came in third, beaten into second place by Holmfirth’s Mark Buckingham, who will no doubt treasure his illustrious scalp for along time to come.

At what other sport can Joe Smoke tip up, pay his four quid and then race toe to toe with Olympic medallists? Even better, you can then have a pint with them after in The Old Sun.

First lady home was Homfirth’s Helen Berry in a super 44:57 and she claimed the coveted Daleside Brewery trophy - won last year by Calder’s Holly Page, unfortunately absent this year.

Calder Valley were well placed with Tod postman Alex Whittem 10th, Steve Smithies looking good in 35th.

Ian Symington, on a rare short outing, Iain Powell, Mark Wharton and Chris Sylge all showed up well.

Paul Hobbs was first home for Todmorden Harriers in 59th place.

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Calderdale results: 10, A Whittem (CV) 41.30; 35, S Smithies (CV) 45.29; 37, M Higham (Stainland); 46, J Collins (Stainland); 49, I Symington (CV) 46.35; 55, M Wharton (CV) 46.53; 59, P Hobbs (Todmorden) 47.09; 65, I Powell 47.40; 71, J Allan (Tod) 48.09; 97, D Collins (Todmorden) 50.13; 101, M Pigford (Stainland) 50.32; 103, C Sylge (CV) 50.47; 112, R Sunderland (CV) 51.31; 128, D Webb (CV) 52.51; 136, J Minta 53.30; 148, L Oldfield (CV) 54.00; 151, C Cavey (CV) 54.09; 160, M Whitaker 55.01; 177, K Jagger (Stainland) 56.20; 193, D Hutchings 57.35; 199, P Patrick (Stainland) 58.01; 216, D Garner (Todmorden) 59.21; 228, K Mansell (CV) 59.52; 233, J Nunn (CV) 60.16; 234, J Denton (CV) 60.30; 239, J Leonard (Todmorden) 60.39; 242, D Caris (Caldderale Tri) 60.44; 250, M Alderson (CV) 61.18; 264, A Baldwin (Stainland) 62.25; 269, C Preston (Todmorden) 63.01; 273, Louise Evans (CV) 63.11; 277, F Armer (Todmorden) 63.36; 278, D Cuplan (CV) 63.38; 285, P Cruthers (Todmorden) 64.11; 295, C Burrell (Halifax H) 64.56; 306, S Boyer (CV) 66.15; 307, K Patten (Todmorden) 66.20; 309, C Stansfield (Todmorden) 66.24; 310, L Hayles (CV) 66.31; 324, G Tombs (CV) 66.17; 336, R Mooney (Stainland) 69.23; 359, L Norman (CV) 72.33; 385, S Roberts (Todmorden) 81.39.