A trip down memory lane and a blueprint for catching more on the waggler

it may be a little after its launch but if you haven’t already bought a copy of Jim Baxter’s The Rising Antenna - A Waggler Man’s Journey, treat yourself to one this Christmas, writes Tim Worsnop. I read it cover to cover on a recent holiday and loved it.

Jim is an old friend and a journalist who for 18 years edited the hugely popular Angling Star. We fished together a number of times in the 80s with a late friend John Dobson on the Leeds and Liverpool canal and the Foss Dyke.

By then Jim, who hails from Sheffield, had made a real name for himself winning big matches on a number of venues, but he was most at home on the Witham. He fished for several teams including Barnsley Blacks and that honour is only bestowed on the best.

Jim was, and still is a brilliant exponent of the waggler - hence the title of the book - and he not only describes in microscopic detail the development of this kind of float and how he mastered it but also devotes chapters to the way headline grabbing anglers like former world champ Dave Thomas, John Dean, Roly Moses, Terry Moroz, Keith Hobson, John Allerton and others set about catching fish bottom end only.

Each did it differently if only slightly, and one of the author’s greatest skills is turning potentially complicated thought processes into easy reading.

If you are in any doubt a series of diagrams puts everything in context.

Effectively the book provides an easy to follow blueprint for how and when to use the waggler or antenna float in any situation on both fast and slow moving water and lakes.

For those of us who cut our teeth fishing in match angling’s halcyon days, the 70s through the 90s, it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane and for that reason alone is worth a read.

But the wealth of information from the very best sources makes it essential material for inexperienced anglers too.

Put simply, digest this book and you’ll catch more fish.

The Rising Antenna by Jim Baxter is published by Calm Productions and costs £20. You can order it on Amazon or at a book shop quoting ISBN Number 978-0-9955630-1-8.