Valley’s Tim has a runaway win

Calder Valley's  Tim Blac. Picture: Tom Rattray
Calder Valley's Tim Blac. Picture: Tom Rattray

Calder Valley’s Tim Black was a convincing winner of last Sunday’s Halftrog, expertly organised by Thirza Hyde.

A field of 114 runners set out across the moors on a bright and sunny day with Black taking a commanding lead by the first checkpoint and well on the way to his first race win.

By the third checkpoint the field was down to 112 as one runner fell and broke her wrist, another pulling out to help her.

By the fourth checkpoint, only a navigational disaster or injury stood in Black’s way.

Battling it out some way behind was a group of runners containing Calder’s Robert Paradise and Ian Symington.

Paradise felt strong, but didn’t have the navigational knowledge to try and push on across the many narrow paths.

Black won by more than seven minutes from John Raho of Holcombe Harriers, while Symington pipped Paradise to the finish, showing that he has the speed for the shorter races as well as the stamina for the ultra runs.

Black, Symington and Paradise earned Valley the men’s team prize Todmorden Harriers second.

Insufficient women took part to claim a team prize, but the first woman home, Holmfirth’s Helen Berry in 11th, made up in quality what the women lacked in quantity.

Calder Valley duo Barbara Lonsdale and Alistair Morris overcame numerous obstacles to finish third in the mixed pairs at the final round of the 2012 UK Adventure Racing Championships near Edinburgh.

Racing together for the first time, they helped the For Goodness Shakes team to finish second.

During the bike section the seatpost on Morris’s bike snapped, which cost them time.