Hanson delivers in Hall event

Halifax and Huddersfield Alliance at Bradley Hall Golf Club. Gary Atkin and Paul Reynolds from Outlane.
Halifax and Huddersfield Alliance at Bradley Hall Golf Club. Gary Atkin and Paul Reynolds from Outlane.

European tour professional Chris Hanson was unsurprisingly a cut above the rest in Tuesday’s Halifax-Huddersfield Alliance at Bradley Hall.

The Woodsome Hall player, who started the year in South Africa and is due to play in Spain, China, Morocco and Mauritius in the next couple of months, scored 44 stableford points with Chris Stratford.

Fixby member Stratford, playing off 20, contributed well to a total which was two better than any of the other 64 pairs.

Crow Nest Park’s Mark Campbell and Nick Day, both off eight, won the am-am section on a back six countback from Paul Reynolds (13) and Gary Atkin (10). The Outlane pair were left to rue failing to score on the second.

The next meeting is at Todmorden on April 5.

Result - pro-am: 1, C Hanson (Woodsome) and C Stratford 20 (indep Fixby) 44 pts; 2, N Hirst and C Smallpage 5 (Dewsbury) 42pts; 2, Adam Cryer and Andy Cryer 10 (West End) 42pts.

Am-am: 1, M Campbell 8 and N Day 8 (Crow Nest) 42 pts; 2, P Reynolds 13 and G Atkin 10 (Outlane) 42pts; 3, J Smith 14 (Outlane) and M Illingworth 13 (Meltham) 41 pts.

Ian Marsland, Robin Peters, Ian Clegg and Steve Ambler were the winning team at West End’s annual John Taylor Texas Scramble on Sunday with a nett 49. There was a shotgun start and a full field in good weather.

The delayed Captain’s Drive also took place and family and friends crowded round the first tee to see if any nervous official would hit into the pond. None did and Lady Vice Captain Liz Stead was closest to the flag.

There was a sweep to estimate the total distance that the eight players would be from the flag. It was 338 ft 3 in.

West End’s Sunday winter league has been won by Graham Thornton, who has an assailable lead of 30 points heading into the final weekend. Les Carman (28) and Warren Parker (26) lie second and third.

Seven pairs can still win the Saturday afternoon competition. In the Saturday morning series, only three points separate Jon Mellor (15) from and Andy Oates and Crain McMinn (18).

The final Huddersfield, Halifax and District Ladies Alliance of the winter takes place at Bradley Park on March 30.

Start times: 8.48 H Taylor / G Travis CH J Gee / L Senior H; 8.56 J Taylor / E Jobes CH MRowlands/ SRamsbottom H; 9.04 J Speight / S Whitwam CH R Crawford/ S Holdsworth L; 9.12 V Learie / E Hogan D L O’Neill /J Schofield L; 9.20 J Simpson / P Lunn Ma S Verity / H Hughes L /BH; 9.28 E Posicznyk / A Hill H D Riley / M Atkinson LP; 9.36 N Titterington /JCrowther L G Fielding / V Goggs CH; 9.44 P Poole / E Lambert H L Dyson S McPherson D; 9.52 E Nicholson / J Wood WH S Eastwood / E Peel O; 10.00 R Button / J Simpson WE E Booth / B Bates CH; 10.08 E Abbott / S Hawker BH R Anderson / J Jones Me; 10.16 J Cox / F Tighe HB V Eastwood/C Hedgecox WH; 10.24 P Gradon / K Tyler L M Smith / M Blakeley WH; 10.32 D Sykes / R Andrews CH G Goodlass / R Hossden O; 10.40 M Ridgeway / E Schofield Me C Fisher / S Smallburn BH; 10.48 C Walker /P Smith Me P Flaherty / A Bird BP; 10.56 S Carter / A Paxman WH J Crane / L Williams BH; 11.04 J Abernethy / S Gormley WE B Todd / M Blanchard LP; 11.12 F Shaw / J Ryan WH E Hartley / L Hirst BH ; 11.20 S Harrison / A Jowett BP A Barker / J Taylor Tod; 11.28 S Lum / H Wooller H M Shaw / S Guest Me; 11.36 L Fee / C Bradley WE B Taylor / M Mellor E; 11.44 J Longbottom/ J Turner CN C Brown / J Dalton Me; 11.52 J Keogh / J Topham Tod W Smith / K Widdop E; 12.00 H Byrne / V Young H J Burton/A Lightowlers CH ; 12.08 P Hoyes / J Winpenny O J Forster / D Dewhirst Me; 12.16 B Ansell / M Bottomore Me A Robinson/ N Lightowlers CH ; 12.24 J Hitchcock / B Lloyd Q J Russell / S Hayman D; 12.32 L Bemrose / J Vickerman BP/CH S Arrowsmith/ J Haigh WH; 12.40 C Smith / E Henderson Q C Hampson / M Widdop CN; 12.48 A Dewhirst / J Studd Tod P Wallace / S Ralph Q; 12.56 V McAlister / W Linley CH J Richardson/ S Abson HOg; 1.04 J Langfield /V Whitehill CN H Rhodes / L Knowles Q.

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