Homing results - Luddenden Foot and Todmorden

NIGEL Poyser and Mark Smith recorded their second young bird race win of 2011 when the pigeon, which was third from Stafford on July 26, when the partnership had the first three home, won Luddenden Foot Homing Society’s race from Tewkesbury on Saturday.

Friday, 19th August 2011, 6:31 pm

A total of 240 birds entered by 15 members were liberated at 10.45am into a light south west wind which was more westerly in the Calder Valley.

This may account for the birds being slightly longer than anticipated with the winner taking just over two and a half hours to fly the 121.5 miles to Halifax.

Luddenden’s Bob Lee was a close second beating the Marley Brothers into third with Nigel and Mark having another, 2.5 minutes after their first, for fourth.

Brian Shepherd in seventh took the major share of the pool money and Wally Lawson pocketed the rest.

Terry Divers together with Stuart Grogan and Richard Lumb won the Squeaker Draw competition run in conjunction with this race.

Tewkesbury Result: 1, Poyser & Smith, 1420; 2, R Lee, 1418; 3, W G & S Marley, 1415; 4, Poyser & Smith, 1397; 5, W G & S Marley, 1395; 6, Boland, Brown & Highley, 1392; 7, C B Shepherd, 1391.6; 8, C B Shepherd, 1391.4; 9, W G & S Marley, 1389.4; 10, W G & S Marley, 1389.2; 11, W G & S Marley, 1387; 12, W G & S Marley, 1386; 13, W G & S Marley, 1380; 14, G Wilson & Son, 1378; 15, Boland, Brown & Highley, 1376.

This Saturday’s race is again from Tewkesbury.

l DUE to problems on site, 369 pigeons sent by 11 Todmorden Homing Society members were moved from Kempsey to Tewksbury last Saturday.

Liberated at 11.30am into a light south west wind, an average speed of a mile per minute was possible. The birds took a little longer than expected before a leading group arrived and all were heading for Halifax Road.

In the ensuing scramble to clock, it was the semmingly unstoppable loft of Denis and Ryan Cullinane who came out on top, just beating Leach Brothers at Pecket Well with Damien and Bill Fleming taking the next two placings.

Next week’s race is from Cheltenham.

Result: 1, Cullinane and Son, 1584.40; 2, Leach Brothers, 1580.20; 3, Fleming and Son, 1577.27; 4, Fleming and Son, 1576.68; 5, Cullinane and Son, 1576.25; 6, Cullinane and Son, 1576.25; 7, Fleming and Son, 1576.08; 8, Cullinane and Son, 1575.66; 9, B. Sheard, 1565.61; 10, Mr and Mrs Fisher, 1565.54; 11, K. Thorp, 1507.91; 12, P. Emmet, 1502.88; 13, Winterbottom and Pomfret, 1496.34; 14, P. Williams, 1456.53; 15, S. Cunningham/Sheard 1446.64; 16, F. Hunter, 1438.78.