Fine victories for Ben and Hatty in Scunthorpe

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Hebden Bridge ABC started 2015 on a successful note with victories for Ben Crouch and Hatty Nylan on Scunthorpe ABC’s show on Saturday.

Ben Crouch, 13, gained a majority decision over the host club’s Ethan Martin in a 50 kg contest.

Bridge club chief Clayton Varey said: “It was a good fight from both lads.”

Crouch got through with some straight combinations in the first round.

The second round was fairly even and featured what Varey described as “a good tear-up” in the middle of the ring.

Crouch pushed on with some body shots and upper cuts in the third round to take his record to four wins from six fights.

Nylan is 11 from 14 after a unanimous decision against Grimsby Boxing Academy’s Katie Hill.

The pair met over four two minute rounds at 57 kg and Nylan piled on the pressure to ensure Hill was unable to bring her undoubted skills to the fore.

George Standring, 14, and senior Steffan Baxter are likely to represent the club at a Love Boxing ABC show at Littleborough on Friday, February 20.

Standring is warming up for some junior championship fights in March.