Brothers first win also sets new club record

TEN Todmorden Homing Society members sent 208 birds to Swainswick last Saturday, the start point replacing Portland due to the poor weather forecast for coastal areas.

Friday, 16th September 2011, 5:32 pm

Liberated at 1.15pm in a 25 miles per hour south wind, speeds of 60mph were predicted for the leading pigeons.

First to time were Adrian and Rowan Leach, flying high to their loft above Hardcastle Crags, a distance of 162 miles flown in 124 minutes to record their first win since joining the Todmorden club and doing it in style with an average speed of 78mph for a club record!

The next four birds were at the Halifax Road lofts, with Damien an Bill Fleming edging out Denis and Ryan Cullinane.

Next week is the final race of the season when the birds cross the channel to Carentan.

Result: 1, Leach Brothers, 2306.77; 2, Fleming and Son, 2277.39; 3, Cullinane and Son, 2267.84; 4, L. Brennan, 2262.70; 5, Fleming and Son, 2255.13; 6, Leach Brothers, 2252.35; 7, Leach Brothers, 2222.35; 8, K. Thorp, 2216.65; 9, P. Emmet, 2203.70; 10, F Hunter, 2203.06; 11, S. Cunningham/Sheard, 2096.36; 12, Mr and Mrs Gengler, 1871.21.

l HEBDEN Bridge fanciers took the first four positions in Luddenden Foot Homing Society’s final race of the season from Bath instead of Portland because of fears of sea mist at the coastal resort preventing a liberation.

Pride of place went to the Leach Brothers, Adrian and Rowan, whose winning hen recorded an average speed of 74mph for the 163 miles to Shackleton Hill with the aid of a very strong South West wind and in a time of two hours and nine minutes.

Less than 10 seconds separated the winner from two cocks timed in two seconds by Charlie and Clive Roberts at Pecket Well who have enjoyed a tremendous last three weeks.

The Leachs took the final prize card but the icing on the cake came when they bred the winner and both reared and raced the second in the Pennine Valleys Federation Breeder/Buyer competition, run in conjunction with this race, which netted them the tidy sum of £830.

The club pool, nomination and pontoon money was split three ways with the Hiams picking up £54, the Roberts partnership £26 and the Marleys the balance of £17.

A ring special went to Gerald Radley in seventh. Seventeen members entered a total of 239 birds and a period of 3.5 minutes covered the timing of the first 40 home.

Bath Result: 1, Leach Brothers, 2217.804 ; 2, C E & C W Roberts, 2214.9; 3, C E & C W Roberts, 2214.3; 4, Leach Brothers, 2212; 5, Poyser & Smith, 2211; 6, Leach Brothers, 2206.9; 7, G Radley, 2206.8 ; 8 G Wilson & Son, 2206.2; 9, Leach Brothers, 2204; 10, C B Shepherd, 2199; 11, W G & S Marley, 2197; 12, W G & S Marley, 2196.798; 13, Mr & Mrs Hiam, 2196.797; 14, W G & S Marley, 2195; 15, W G & S Marley, 2193.