Zen group members hope for safe return of missing Buddha

Hebden Bridge Zen group’s Buddha has sat outside the meeting house through wind, rain, snow and, after Boxing Day, even flood - but is now missing.

Until the recent floods the group usually meet four times a week at Hope House in the centre of Hebden Bridge, which is where the Buddha has sat outside for over two years.

The Buddha has endured even the floods without moving once - even when the water was about a foot over his head!

David Ford of Hebden Bridge Zen Group said “We know that Buddhism is all about non-attachment but we’ve had plenty of practice with that due to the recent floods and would like the lovely statue back.”

The statue which was donated to the group is a little over a foot high, with a green shade and is also very heavy.

If you do have any information on the Buddhas whereabouts please get in touch on 07970425932 or drop a note through the door of Hope House. The group continue to meet at different venues throughout the week whislt repairs are ongoing at Hope House. For more information visit www.hebdenbridgezen.org.uk