Wouldn’t you try to recover land if you discovered it belonged to you?

Michael Green's photograph of the Hole In The Wall, Hebden Bridge
Michael Green's photograph of the Hole In The Wall, Hebden Bridge

I am very pleased that Kate Ashbrook highlighted that she is the general secretary of the Open Spaces Society, otherwise I could have been mistaken for thinking she was just another ill-informed local writing to the newspaper without first researching her facts.

The following are my points in response to Kate’s letter.

The cobbled area in question was part of the original land title of the Hole in the Wall Hotel, and only passed back to the council by default due to historical solicitors. I challenge you to say that you would not try and recover land at the side of your property if you discovered in retrospect it belonged to you.

You mention that the cobbled area is part of the ancient packhorse route - I can say without a doubt that this is totally incorrect.

You also mention that the cobbled area would become awkward and narrow - as the application did not change the look of the land then your argument falls flat.

I have forwarded a photo of the land in question (taken a few years ago) and wondered if you would have bothered to object then. As you can clearly see, walkers and cyclists can roam freely and unrestricted. The view of the packhorse bridge from the buttress must have been breathtaking with views of a rusty red van and pub tables.

This seems to us to be a very childish act by ill-informed and narrow-minded people.

If you had suggested that we add a covenant to the application restricting its use to parking then I would have wholeheartedly agreed – wouldn’t that have been a more mature and conciliatory course of action?

You will be pleased to learn that the former regulars of the Hole in the Wall (sorry, Hebden Royd Town Council) also voted to block the application. This vote was of course very unbiased and diplomatic - even in the face of hard facts over the title and future use of the land.

I conclude by saying that the only things that are narrow and restrictive are your personal views, and if I may make a suggestion, write anonymously next time, or make sure you have your facts 100 per cent right. Mine’s a pint please gentleman.

Michael Green

Hebden Bridge