With your help, we are saving more of our toads than ever

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I am a toad rescuer at Woodhouse Road, Todmorden, and tonight the cars were amazing, stopping to let us collect the toads, stopping to tell us where they had seen toads, and also to tell us they had rescued and moved toads to safety too.

I also had neighbouring houses putting them in buckets and rescuing them, and dog walkers alerting us and guarding toads until we could get there!

Even cars giving us feed back as to where we should put posters in the future!

Also thank you to my fabulous new volunteers, Anne, Brian and Rachael, thanks so much for your help, it really has made a difference!

I smashed my record of rescuing 30 toads in one night last year and losing 20 to traffic, to saving a whopping 72 tonight, and only losing 17 to traffic, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the public and new volunteers, so thank you so very much, and lets hope we see more of that over these next couple of weeks.

Cheryl Bayley