Why so conservative about burlesque?

I was deeply saddened to read that Hebden Royd town council has rejected the use of the cinema for a burlesque festival due to it being “demeaning to women”.

This is the most ridiculous argument I have heard.

I am not a burlesque fan, it’s not my thing, but neither are some exhibitions at the Tate - this is not about my personal taste.

I do know a friend of mine whose life after illness was transformed when she started burlesque.

Her recovery was largely down to the confidence she built in learning burlesque and then performing it and the fantastic support network that was introduced to her.

Hebden Bridge you are always a fantastic free mind, so why on earth would you choose to be so conservative about this?

It isn’t “middle class stripping” but performance art and if you bothered to ask any of the female performers involved what they thought you’d hear how their lives have been changed, they have built their confidence and met a group of supportive people in their performing.

I spend a lot of time in Liverpool and the city council there hosts the monthly Martini lounge burlesque night in its fabulous civic neo classical St George’s Hall - Prince Charles’s favourite building. If the council in Liverpool can cope with burlesque surely so can you.

Shame on you, Hebden Bridge.