Why on earth is it taking so long?

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When Councillor Collins said the refuse depot would not be open before November, did he mean 2014 or 2015?

It took around two weeks to clear the mess up and now we have seen one man and his dog gaurding an empty site for more than four weeks with no sign of any more work being done.

This site could have been finished and up and running again in this time. The contracters that did the original work could be re-employed on this site.

There will be no trouble in obtaining the materials as all can be bought “off the shelf”, including front elevation fencing, the steps, a new cabin, skips, JCB, and let’s not forget the wooden fence back elevation which was erected after the refuse depot opened and was done with the public going in.

And if some one on the council thought about it, the compound where Rose Street health centre stood could be site for skips, then the constituents would not have to travel out of town and waste expensive petrol.

Once again we have a service that we can no longer use for an unspecified time, which we are still having to pay for on our rates.

There is a duty to get this depot up and running as soon as possible. There is no reason why this depot can not be up and running within weeks. Let’s see some progress.

Mr R. Young,

Derdale Street, Todmorden