Whatever reason for car use, our results are green

Apologies to Bernard Ingham: I was not aware that he is no longer paid for the work he carries out for the nuclear industry.

In reply to his other query I am very happy to clear up his confusion on why the Hour Car scheme which involves fuel burning cars is aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

Many people, locally, take climate change very seriously and are trying very hard to minimise their carbon footprint. They are even considering selling their car (or one of their two cars if they are a two car household). But this would leave a problem because there are some journeys that are very difficult or impossible by public transport.

Hour Car supports these people in by providing a car when it is needed.

Not all of our members are quite so green-minded, though. Many just use the scheme because their car usage is not huge and they realise that financially they will be much better off using a Car Share scheme rather than having a car. Interestingly, as they now pay by usage there is real incentive for them to reduce this, so this ends up being green as well.

The UK Energy Research Centre has worked out that the average reduction in car usage by everyone joining a Car Club is at least 40 per cent.

That means that with 70 members in the upper Calder Valley, Hour Car is saving around 2.5 tonnes of carbon every year. And that’s not counting the extra savings by using very fuel efficient vehicles, particularly our new extended range electric car the stunning Chevrolet Volt, voted Car of the Year 2012.

Our most recent member is a woman in her late 70s. Older people often join the scheme because they do not need a car every day and their income is not what it once was. Perhaps Mr Ingham would be interested?

Kevin Hogan,

Hour Car Car Share Scheme