We’re working to create a better place for all

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In response to Elizabeth King’s letter whilst we all do our bit to live greener lifestyles, that is as far as we will go as regards the rest of the Green Party agenda which seems muddled to say the least.

She is still harping on about who caused the economic crisis and resulting austerity measures, instead of getting on and solving things for everyone’s future prosperity.

Why would the Green Party quote “want real change from investment in public services to sustainable private investment”?

A lot of people are very happy that the public sector provides services they rely on, and are fighting to keep our excellent local hospital from cutbacks and changes they are not sure about.

The private sector has it’s place and has done a marvellous job creating two million jobs since 2010.

The two can work alongside each other to mutual benefit. She gives mixed messages about public/private ownership saying the railways would be better in public hands, then why not other services?

She speaks of hardship in society. There are many now receiving more benefits than those in work, or receiving retirement pensions. Anyone having difficulty with the so called Bedroom Tax can contact the council as they have a pot of money to help real hardship. Only a very small fraction has been claimed so far.

Calderdale is on the up and we are all working to make it a better place for everyone.

Coun Jill Smith-Moorhouse

Luddenden Foot Ward