We have concerns but we are not NIMBYs

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I wish to make comment on your article on the front page of the Hebden Bridge Times (February 20).

To clarify, as a resident of the listed terrace of Nutclough which overlooks the developement, myself and the local residents did NOT object to the principle of the developement as we acknowledged and accept the need for the town to retain Calrec as its biggest employer.

What we objected to was the scale and size of the building within the context and setting of the listed mill and adjoining terrace, and wished to see a revised plan which complemented the existing buildings rather than overshadowed and dominated them. As you will be aware, our concerns were disregarded with the small concession of a green roof.

I would be grateful if you could make this clarification, as the article as printed appears to cast the residents as NIMBY’s...which we are not!

Simon Trapp

Hebden Bridge