Time to refresh our democracy? Are you up for it?

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In May, our present Town and Parish Councils will finish their 4 year stint and every registered voter will get their chance to elect a brand new Parish/Town council as part of the National Election process.

More than that, it offers a chance to literally stand up and be counted by putting yourself up for election. If you fancy doing more than moaning from the sidelines then this is your opportunity to put your money where your mouth is!

The job of a Town/Parish Councillor is to try to represent the whole of the area and all of its locally active groups. Our councils form the lowest level of local democracy and inject very local (and often vocal) knowledge into the management of the area we live in. Being a Councillor is often frustrating, sometimes infuriating, but it comes with a really warm feeling when you manage to make something good happen or put the brakes on something really bad. We need fresh blood, with new ideas and insights so please step up and make yourself known.

Nominations open on 31st March and completed forms have to be hand-delivered to Electoral Services no later than 4pm on Thursday 9th April. I’m sure that any of your Town or Parish Councillors will be happy to give you the lowdown if you are interested. Don’t be put off by the fierce-looking documentation, the good people at Calderdale’s Electoral Services on 01422 393103 will point you in the right direction.

Go on, have a go! It is your chance to make a difference and it may not even come to an election if there are as many places as there are candidates.

What do you think?

Mick Davies, Chairman, Blackshaw Parish Council