Tell it to the bowlers

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At a meeting of Calder Civic Trust last week it was decided to write to HRTC and ask just what is happening with Calder Holmes Park as it has looked neglected for too long.The answer came on the front page of the HB Times (March 6). It seems that FOCHP have put in a proposal to revamp the Park, saying it would better reflect the town.

Can it be that some in Hebden Bridge think they are more entitled than others? I remember being on the Friends Group and some were determined to get rid of bowlers etc, who were stopped from using the pavilion, and had to go to Todmorden to play. At the same time there was the loss of putting and tennis. This all ruined the convivial atmosphere enjoyed in the Park by many in the summertime.

Alterations to the park have been a waste of money, and unnecessary.The wavy path ruined the row of trees planted by HRTC and the Civic Trust. All that was needed was proper maintenance of flower beds.

Endless events take place in the Park with temporary staging etc, leaving the space free and open to interpretation by whoever comes along next. Permanent staging and so on will be expensive and limiting. The skate park is well used but needs constant tidying up.

I am surprised that HRTC is backing these recent proposals as they fly in the face of of Calderdale MBC’s mantra of ‘Everyone Different, Everyone Matters’. Tell that to the bowlers who sadly lost their facilities. I hope that the park is soon tidied up and thriving again to suit everyones’ needs, and we get a sense of civic pride back.

Jill Smith-Moorhouse

Member Calder Civic Trust

Conservative Candidate Luddenden Foot ward