State of these sites lies at Labour’s door

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It may have escaped the Chair of Todmorden Labour Party (letters, January 16) that his party has been running the Calderdale Council Cabinet by themselves since May 2013.

That means that the Labour Party is making the decisions or avoiding them as the case may be.

Labour say that they are “open and transparent” but are actually anything but.

They prefer to make decisions, and then pretend to consult about them, before sticking with their original decision.

Todmorden is being very badly treated.

There is nothing whatsoever being done to clear up the gateway sites on Halifax Road, the former Abraham Ormerod Clinic, the former cinema, Bramsche Square/Rose Street and at Cinderhill Mill.

The council has powers to make the owners clear up the sites but is not exercising them.

Labour have scrapped the Renaissance Board which had expert representation of local people from Todmorden Pride and was responsible for developing our town and created a new one – dominated by Labour – who have just cancelled their January meeting and won’t meet again till March.

The only project that’s going anywhere is the Town Hall which is chaired by a Liberal Democrat and includes local people who are driving it.

The work to improve the Eastwood Transfer Station has run nearly six weeks over time.

Who is responsible for delivering projects on time?

The Labour-run cabinet.

It is a sad fact that local people seem to know more about what’s happening in Todmorden than the Halifax Labour Cabinet.

I suspect that at least one reason for this neglect is that the Todmorden Labour councillor elected in 2012 lives in Hebden Bridge and has no interest in Todmorden.

He spends his time drawing large amounts of allowances as the cabinet member for communities and would not be recognised in Todmorden.

His focus on Hebden Bridge is confirmed by the fact that his partner is now the Labour candidate for Calder Ward.

As if that wasn’t enough, Labour’s contempt for Todmorden and its people is starkly illustrated by their choice of yet another Hebden Bridge resident for Todmorden ward in 2014.

Yes, that’s right, Labour think that someone from Hebden Bridge can represent Todmorden ward on Calderdale Council.

So if Labour have their way, Todmorden will be represented by two councillors from Hebden Bridge.

I rest my case.

Dr Michael Taylor

Todmorden Liberal