Situation must alter

I want to add to Stephen Maskill’s letter (February 20). The town’s greatest shame is the train station parking.

During the week cars are parked nearly down to Fallingroyd. One solution would be a multi-storey park on the station park where there was a station warehouse, then HB farmers, then a Moderna store before it finally burnt down. This was 2 to 3 storeys. Maybe this has been considered.

I am not alone among those who need a car to get to town who find we have to drive round two or three times before finding a parking space, adding to pollution. Driving to Halifax is no better because there are always road works and sometimes more than one set of temporary lights. So what do we do? Drive to Todmorden or Burnley.

All this is not what we want to do. The days are gone when one browsed round interesting shops and lingered over a coffee.

Liz Williams

Hebden Bridge