Shutting down this club was forced on us

I AM saddened by the statement, if reported correctly, by Calderdale’s Head of Adult Health and Social Care Sue Ross that “the Calder Valley Club does not wish to continue running the service after the end of January” which she knows full well is not the truth.

Why would the Calder Valley Club NOT WISH to continue running the service, when it is the primary aim of the charity to do just this?

The simple fact of the matter is that Calderdale Council did not keep its part of the contract in resourcing the club which had to be the sole provider for the clients who were referred by social services to the club, and has meant the club subsidising the council to at least £44,000 in order to fulfil its part of the contract. This it has done in good faith.

However, the council knows full well this was unsustainable for the club, and it has even suggested the club continue to operate when it would be illegal for it to do so under the terms of the Charity Commision.

This statement by Sue Ross is making the trustees now consider investigating the possibility of reclaiming its losses from the council on its failure, inspite of constant reminders written and verbal that it was not fulfilling its part of the contract, and hence the club considers the council to be in breach of contract.

We have an outstanding and dedicated team of workers and we are distressed to be be put into the position of issuing redundancy notices to them, through no fault of our own.

We have been put in this situation by the council, which adds no glory to its reputation and which is now seen as trying to wash it hands of its past responsibilities by putting the blame on the club.

The Calder Valley Club is not the first charitable organisation in Calderdale to be forced to give up its provision, and we would warn any current providers to keep a very careful eye on the council, especially as it is saying “Building provided day care is not on the council’s agenda for the future”.

Fr John Gott - Trustee of the CVC, Burnley Road