Points in reply to correspondents

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Although I do have pacifist tendencies myself I can’t help disagreeing with Peggy Thomas about not funding the forces.

Waving a pretty white flower at the Nazis wouldn’t have kept them at bay, nor any of the modern threats to peace in our society.

Negotiating with extremists and maniacs doesn’t work. If they approach with force then that is the method with which they need to be eradicated.

In response to Mr Burgoyne’s letter, I am on disability benefits after a stroke (caused by being assaulted by a drug addict) left me with epilepsy.

I work as a volunteer to, sometimes beyond, my abilities. One post let me go as they found out it was illegal for me to work without a support worker, which I didn’t have. Others only let me volunteer in teams so if I have seizures someone can summon help; still no support worker.

I get sent to “Interserve” by the Benefits Agency. The first interrogator just sat and watched when I had seizures and put so much pressure on me it affected my health.

I was advised I could take them to court for it if I wanted. I’m not sat idle. I loved the post that let me go and was hoping to get paid work along the same lines; countryside ranger type post.

Mr Moore (address supplied)