Please take the direct approach

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I live on the Keighley Road and the recent bus changes have resulted in the withdrawal of the 593 and the A bus, which both travelled up the Keighley Road.

We have been left with the 500 Keighley bus, which runs once an hour in the day. Metro is going to introduce an evening service, however this service is going to run via Dodnaze, Old Town and Crimsworth, which will take half an hour to reach my stop on the Keighley Road.

If sent directly up the Keighley Road, it will only take five minutes. Many of my friends, neighbours and family would value a better service. This is not a dig at TLC, who I believe are doing a good job.

Metro however, seems to make all the decisions. I have friends and family who live in Dodnaze and Old Town and they support my views. Also I cannot catch a bus directly from the Keighley Road to visit them. At 62 I’m not exactly past it, but walking up the hill with bags of shopping is not easy. Come on Metro, give those folk who live on and off the Keighley Road a fairer service.

Jude Hall

Hebden Bridge