Not ‘starstruck’ - they were victims

i AM utterly fed up of the listening to the image that appears to be being presented of the victims of Jimmy Savile and his paedophile cronies.

Terminology such as “starstruck teenagers”, “groupies”, or “publicity seekers” is being glibly thrown about, or the idea that finance is the main motivation for these brave women to come forward.

I can understand that people who knew and respected the man would find it easier to bear if the reality of the situation were somehow diffused or reduced by this kind of attitude towards his victims.

But let’s get this right. Jimmy Saville and his cronies abused the innocence and trust of young girls.

I don’t care how this came about, our children (and I believe each of you who have ever had a child would agree that a teenage girl still comes under this category), have a right for an adult not to sexually abuse them.

I challenge people to try for a moment to think about the turmoil and confusion paedophile victims are left with.

We can accept that paedophiles are very clever at priming and making their victims feel responsible for what is happening to them. Imagine for a moment how the victim must feel when members of the public also collude with this?

As we are learning, responsible adults turned their back on these children.

Are we now, as members of a so called caring society once again doing the same?

Cathy, Todmorden

(full name and address supplied)