Nitty gritty...

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Pretty Gritty - the new Calderdale Council slogan?​ I’ll believe it when Calderdale Council restored the grit-bins at places such as the steep curving junction of Longfield Road and Longfield Way near my Todmorden house.

And the foot of our Swineshead Road, where pressure from me as Town Councillor failed to secure the gritting that would have averted the broken limb when a resident slipped on the ice. As this lovely summer continues into late September we must remember that the weather-devil has nasty tricks in store; and it won’t cost the £40,000 wasted by going to consultants for an initiative that our own senior staff could have taken, to be prepared for snow.

A more major scandal appears to be the Con-Dem government’s continual monetary starving of councils. It claims that the recession is over, and it follows that these attacks on benign community services are being made for their own sake and not out of reluctant necessity.

Councillor Frank McManus

(Labour, Todmorden Town Council)