More of Labour? No thank you!

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The naivety of Councillors Tattersall and McManus in your letters pages recently is touching.

Everything that’s wrong in the world and space is down to this evil government and a glorious new utopia will miraculously be summoned into existence by the election of a Labour Government!

Could this be the same Labour Party that took us to war in Iraq, allowed the banks free reign, failed to regulate the financial system, introduced restrictions on personal freedom in the name of security (control orders, 45 day detention, ban on demonstrations near parliament), ushered in the biggest economic collapse since the 1930s, presided over the creation of the largest gap between high and low earners (Mandelson: “we’re perfectly relaxed about people becoming filthy rich”) and took more measures to privatise the health service than any government since the war?

Could this be the same Labour Party that has never uttered a word of apology or accepted any responsibility for its actions in government?

And Councillors Tattersall and McManus want voters to put them back into power!

No thank you.

Dr Mick Taylor