Letter: We should put faith and trust in our WMC

Mytholmroyd Working Mens Club
Mytholmroyd Working Mens Club

As a resident of Mytholmroyd I’m saddened to hear about Mytholmroyd Workings Men’s Club and the state it has got itself into.

Working men’s clubs used to be the centre of the community and its eyes and ears, but sadly some are in a state of disrepair.

These institutions should be backed by the community and used instead of being hounded, moaned about and reported by people who say they want a quiet life living in the country.

It’s a good job these people didn’t live here when Mytholmroyd was purely an industrial village.

Now as someone who has only lived in the village for 10 years I found the working men’s club to be a friendly, funny place, a place of local knowledge and in some cases marriage counselling!

People should be backing these places instead of building flats and houses on institutions like this.

As a local flood warden, the working men’s club have allowed us to site a 10ft flood recovery container on their land as they are well aware it will help the village and all who live in it if it floods again.

When I approached them about this idea there was no hesitation in saying yes.

Now by saying yes they have put their trust and faith in us.

Now let’s return this by putting our trust and faith in our working men’s club before it’s too late.

Tim Foulds, Mytholmroyd resident and flood warden