Letter: We should concentrate on the good news

Bird's eye view of Todmorden
Bird's eye view of Todmorden

Well well, the Lib Dems certainly were out in force on the letters page last week.

And what champion mud slingers they are. No wonder the public express disdain for politicians. Perhaps they were hoping we’d forgotten how eagerly they sustained David Cameron’s government for five years.

I’d prefer to concentrate on some positive news, also in last week’s Todmorden News; construction of the new buildings is at last starting at Todmorden High School.

This is good for our young people, who attend our high school, and it’s good for the town. And it’s thanks to the hard work and good housekeeping of our Calderdale Labour council. Labour works in the interests of ordinary people.

Last week, our neighbours in Greater Manchester turned out and elected Andy Burnham as their Labour Mayor.

I hope voters in Todmorden will follow their good example and turn out and elect a Labour MP on June 8.

Peter Ehrhardt,Shore, Todmorden