Letter: ‘Policing’ to begin in health centre car park

Todmorden Health Centre
Todmorden Health Centre

Spaces in the health centre car park are limited and a small number of people have been using the car park as a shoppers’ car park.

We are aware of people using it as a commuter’s car park - leaving their car for the day whilst using the train.

With some reluctance, and with the intention of hopefully freeing up space for those patients using the health centre, we have installed number plate recognition cameras to ‘police’ the car park. People parking will be allowed 90 minutes. Penalty charges are detailed on the notices.

We have the ability to cancel charges for those patients who, for whatever reason, need to stay longer than this for any medical reason.

They should feel able to inform reception so that we can ensure they do not receive a charge.

There are plenty of signs in place both in and outside the building informing people of these changes.

The system will go live on April 1.

Nigel Davy GP, Todmorden Health Centre