Letter: Please, let’s get town’s traffic moving again

Roadworks on Burnley Road
Roadworks on Burnley Road

I write to you on behalf of the Hebden Bridge Business Forum (HBBF). HBBF represents businesses in Hebden Bridge by promoting the town to consumers and to other businesses.

The HBBF was behind the success of the Great British High Street award wins in 2016 which showcased the wonderful shops and outlets Hebden Bridge has to offer and we believe this has led to increased visitor numbers to our unique town.

It is appreciated that work must be done on Burnley Road but on many occasions traffic management at temporary lights is frustrating in the extreme, the effects of which impact on Hebden Bridge retailers and those who come here to work or visit. I, and other members of the committee, have found that it is often the case that there will be two miles of traffic at one side of the temporary lights (not an exaggeration) and ten cars on the other (again, not an exaggeration). Surely it must be possible to more equally manage the flow of traffic in order that people can get into, out of and travel through Hebden Bridge in a more timely manner?

People often arrive in Hebden Bridge rushed and annoyed; this does not leave a good impression of their visit nor does it make it likely that people will recommend Hebden Bridge as a place worth visiting. This has a detrimental impact on trade.

Can the council confirm whether it is aware that the traffic at temporary lights is being managed in such a way? Is it able to advise whether there is a legitimate operational reason for this? And if not, I would be grateful if it could please advise what steps it can take to alleviate this discrepancy in order to make travelling to and from Hebden Bridge less frustrating for all concerned.

On behalf of Hebden Bridge businesses, residents, visitors and those who are just passing through, it would be very much appreciated if traffic at roadworks could be better managed in order to ensure the flow of vehicles is kept moving more evenly and cause less frustration.

Tania Blackburn, Secretary, Hebden Bridge Business Forum