Letter: No Northern Powerhouse if journeys slow

Hebden Bridge Train Station
Hebden Bridge Train Station

Michael Allen’s plea for people to let the train take the strain and have relief from the constant roadworks on Burnley Road is spot on, but we need the authorities to encourage commuters to do so.

While the current works and future ones are on, the rail fares could be reduced.

It should be one pence for journeys from Hebden to Mytholmroyd and a flat rate £1 return for any journeys between Haliax or Brighouse and Todmorden or Rochdale.

This would encourage people to switch their habits, which would ease the congestion on the roads and reduce the carbon pollution in the valley.

The cost should be borne by Northern Rail who will benefit from increased passenger numbers, some of whom will continue to use the services even when they return to full price.

And Calderdale Council and the Environment Agency who are causing this disruption which is affecting the trade of local businesses.

If you watch the traffic crawling through Mytholmroyd you will see that most cars have only one person in them.

Many of these could easily switch to travelling by train, especially when Mytholmroyd and Hebden have their larger car parks built in the next few years.

We can hardly build a Northern Powerhouse while journeys are so slow.